Hollywood Red Carpet Carbon Facial in Delhi

Hollywood Red Carpet Carbon Facial in Delhi

Carbon Peel Facial, also knows as the Hollywood Red Carpet Facial, is a popular medical facial among celebrities which they like to get right before major events such as red carpet appearances. This facial gives your skin an instant glow and helps reduce any blemishes on the face.

Who is Carbon Facial For?

Carbon Facial is for anyone who wants to get good skin right before special events. It is also used as a treatment for

  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Reducing fine lines
  • Reducing sun damage etc.

What is the procedure for Carbon Facial?

  1. We will clean your face thoroughly with an oil based cleanser to get rid of any makeup or sunscreen
  2. Then we will clean your face with a foam based cleanser to remove any leftover dirt.
  3. We apply a thin layer of carbon gel to your face
  4. This carbon gel is then heated with the help of a laser that causes it to vapourise. During this process it also takes with it any dirt or dead cells, leaving your skin clear and glowy
  5. A soothing mask is applied on your face. You can add an LED Light Treatment at this stage which helps with inflammation and reduces the presence of acne causing bacteria


Results for carbon facial are instant and last up to one month.

With repeated treatments, you can expect long term improvement in skin tone.

There might be slight redness right after the procedure but it will subside with an hour.

It is necessary that you apply sunscreen after getting this treatment and avoid the sun for atleast 48 hours, or ensure that you keep your face covered.


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