Permanent Makeup – Skin, Eyebrows, and Lips

Permanent Makeup – Skin, Eyebrows, and Lips

These days, there is a slew of makeup and skincare products advertised to us. Every few weeks there is a new beauty standard that requires you to purchase a whole set of new products to achieve it. New steps keep getting added to your routine regularly where it becomes hard and expensive to keep up. Permanent Makeup is an easy fix that allows you to achieve natural looking results without lengthy routines. You can achieve the look of a full face of natural makeup, as soon as you get out of bed. We have explained the various treatments you can do in brief below.

BB Glow – Semi Permanent Foundation

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Indian summers make it difficult for you to put on a layer of foundation every time you go out in the sun. Add face-masks to the equation and it is a recipe for maskne. BB Glow is a short procedure that helps you get evened out skin tone, removing sun spots and pigmentation from your skin. It has the effect of a sheer foundation – making it very natural and glowy.

The procedure involves thoroughly cleansing and scrubbing your skin to prepare it to absorb the pigment. We usually do this procedure along with hydrafacial with glutathione or hyloronic acid serum to provide additional glow and natural finish. After preparing the skin, we mix the pigments to match your skin tone and apply it in an even layer on your skin. We allow it to sit for sometime in order to absorb properly. It is recommended that you not wash your face for 24 hours after the procedure.

You will notice immediate change in your skintone. The results of this treatment last from about 6-18 months depending on your lifestyle. We recommend that you apply sunscreen everyday to elongate the effects of the treatment. Read our guide to sunscreens here.

Microblading and Microshading for Eyebrows

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This is perhaps something everyone with Instagram is familiar with. This procedure gives you beautiful, full brows. Microshading works like brow powder and helps you define the area and shape of your brows, where microblading creates hair like strokes to mimic your natural brow hairs. We recommend using both these techniques together to give you your desired shape, colour, and fullness.

You can get any brow shape that you want. Usually the doctor draws on markings for the brows based on ideal angles on your face. If you want a specific shape, you can come with your brows done and the same shape can be created with permanent pigment. For colour, don’t choose a shade that is too dark because the pigment darkens with time. Usually a second sitting is required in order to fill in any gaps in the pigment where the colour has not taken to the skin.

This treatment lasts for 2-3 years and begins to fade overtime.

Lip Blush

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Due to continued sun exposure or smoking, lips can start to discolour and turn dark. Permanent Lip Blush helps you undo this by injecting pigment into your lips to make them lighter and pinker. This procedure can also help you achieve your perfect lip shape.

The doctor first applies numbing cream around your mouth. While the cream takes effect in about 40 minutes, you can decide your lip shape and colour with your doctor. After you choose the shade you want, the doctor will apply the pigment to your lips in thin layers with a microneedling pen.  Depending on your pain tolerance, you might need local anesthesia injected in your lip. You should get this procedure done only by a doctor because they are authorised to administer anesthesia.

It takes 2-4 weeks for your lips to heal and show their final colour. You might need a touch-up appointment to fill-in any gaps. During the down time, avoid using lipstick and keep your lips hydrated with Vaseline or balm. Your lips might peel but that is a normal part of the healing process.

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